Australia overwhelmingly votes to legalize same-sex marriage!

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Australia overwhelmingly votes to legalize same-sex marriage!

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A postal survey of the entire country of Australia concludes by voting to legalize Gay Marriage. This is a monumental vote for the country and its people and a step in the right direction.

Australia, rejoice! Australians have voiced their opinion on same-sex marriage — and they are overwhelmingly in favor of it.

According to the results of a historic national postal survey announced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday, 61.6 percent of Australian voters said yes, same-sex marriage should be legalized. A majority in every single state and territory voted in favor of marriage equality, with a turnout of 79.5 percent of eligible voters nationwide.

The results now go to the government, which opted to survey the population before the parliament took up its own vote on the issue.

A bill is expected to pass, with many opponents of marriage equality in parliament promising to respect the result, although parliament may consider amendments. Coalition parliamentarians, who were previously required to vote against marriage equality will now be given a free vote, Labor MPs are almost universally in favor and a majority of cross-benchers will also support the bill.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who voted yes, has already pledged to follow through with the vote’s results. “We must respect the voice of the people. We asked them for their opinion and they have given it to us. It is unequivocal. It is overwhelming,” he said at a press conference.
Turnbull said a vote will come before Christmas.

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Bill Shorten celebrates as Australia Legalizes Gay Marriage

At a rally in Melbourne, the Labor leader, Bill Shorten, said: “What a fabulous day to be an Australian – because in this survey the Australian people have declared overwhelmingly Australia is ready for marriage equality.

Australia would become the 25th country to legalize same-sex marriage in at least some jurisdictions.

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