China’s massive VR Science Theme park is opening next month!

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China’s massive VR Science Theme park is opening next month!

Leave it to the Chinese to build the world's largest non-functioning Transformer.
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Step 1: Learn Chinese
Step 2: Get to Guiyang, China
Step 3: Freak out!

Guys! Clear your schedules gather up all your vacation days: A massive virtual reality theme park is opening just in time for New Year’s in Guiyang, China.

The park, called the East Valley of Science and Fantasy, was designed to be a science fiction world. The park’s website says it will include VR recreation halls, movie theaters, restaurants, and a children’s area.

Images of the park came online a few weeks ago, showing a 174-foot mecha statue and several buildings that look like alien motherships. Overall, the park seems as though it’ll be pretty impressive to look at through normal eyes, let alone a VR filter. It reportedly cost $1.5 billion to build!

According to The Shanghaiist, the park will partially open next month. Visitors will be given a VR headset upon entering the park, through which they’ll be able to explore outer space, meet alien species, and ride a VR roller coaster. It’s not clear how much of that will be available from the start.

Regardless, I’d be thrilled to try even one of these attractions — especially the VR roller coaster. Ticket booking can be found online, though I recommend you only try it if your Chinese isn’t as rusty as mine is.

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