Eminem Is Filming A River music video for “Revival” with Ed Sheeran

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Eminem Is Filming A River music video for “Revival” with Ed Sheeran

River Music Video – Never underestimate the loyalty and dedication of the teen girl pop fan demographic. Because they’ll stick together despite all the critical scorn and fan backlash. This is exactly the case for the pop collaborations in Eminem’s latest album, Revival.

River, Marshall’s newest guitar-filled single from the Revival album currently sits in the Top 30s on the Billboard Hot 100 chart owing to the collab with Pop superstar Ed Sheeran. The Revival album, as a result, has since made an excellent recovery after a steep drop after first-week sales. Naturally, the two superstars are capitalizing on this first time paring with an upcoming River music video featuring them both, unlike Eminem’s panned “Walk On Water” video featuring just the Queen-B, Beyonce.

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River’s recent climb up the charts has been largely credited to Ed Sheeran’s great hook. The single landed straight at #45 on Billboard on its release last week, and the upcoming River music video is definitely going to help it rise in the rankings. Sheeran, when asked how this unlikely collab came about, said, “My mate Emile, who produces a lot for Eminem is like, ‘Oh, I’ve done some drums and stuff on the “River” song that you wrote.’ I was like, ‘Oh, cool. Are you gonna send it to him?’”. Ed could very well prove to be the saving grace (commercially, at least) for Eminem’s latest effort.

In classic Eminem fashion, he hit back at the negative critical response himself with a diss track on the remix of his single, “Chloraseptic”. Only time will tell if those critics will truly ever consider Eminem the “Rap God” again, but for now, the title of one of the top pop superstar on the planet has to suffice.

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