Large-scale Evacuation in Central Berlin As Recently Unearthed WWII Bomb Is Being Disposed Of

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Large-scale Evacuation in Central Berlin As Recently Unearthed WWII Bomb Is Being Disposed Of

A massive evacuation is underway in Central Berlin as bomb squads aim to dispose of a 500-kilo World War II bomb found in the vicinity.

The unexploded bomb was discovered this past week during construction work near the Berlin Hauptbahnhof – the city’s central railway station. Even though there isn’t an imminent danger from the bomb, a roughly 1-kilometer radius from the construction site is being cordoned-off as a precaution.

The area being cleared includes the aforementioned central railway station, Uzbek and Indonesian embassies, the offices of the transport and economy ministries of Berlin, and a military hospital. The Federal Intelligence agency and ministry have also been evacuated. Luckily, the Parliment (Reichstag) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s offices are a few hundred meters from the exclusion zone and thus, safe & operational.

However, German Rail company Deutsche Bahn has warned of widespread disruption of most local routes, trains, buses and even private transport services. The operation began at 9:00 AM today will last until the situation is under control.

Translation: In the # Heidestr . lies the source of all evil – the # 1 World War II bomb . Our firefighters from # LKA are ready.

How did this World War II bomb get to Berlin?

This half-tonne British bomb is a remnant from the relentless Allied bombing of Nazi Germany during World War 2. Berlin alone is said to have an estimated 3,000 WWII-era bombs and mines yet to be found or unearthed. But this is nothing new in the country as hundreds of such “Unexploded Ordinances” are found each year.

The good news is that airports and flights will not be affected by the disruption, and will continue to operate normally. Traffic is (obviously) going to be a major pain in Berlin until the situation is resolved. Though we expect this to happen sooner than later.

Courtesy: Berlin Police

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