Google Poly : The newest home for VR 3D objects made for creators

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Google Poly : The newest home for VR 3D objects made for creators

Google Poly: While platforms like Daycream and ARCore lets users step into virtual worlds and scenes, the burden now falls on developers to come up with engaging content that makes those platforms worth checking out. Google is looking to make said creators’ jobs just a bit easier with the launch of Google Poly, the company’s new home for 3D objects on the internet.

Poly by Google was built specifically for Virtual Reality and phone-based AR medium. The newest pet project by Google buys into its “organize the information of the world” mission by making a one-stop shop for users to view and browse 3D objects created in homegrown VR products like Blocks and Tilt Brush.

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To get things up and running, Google Poly commissioned artists to create thousands of custom scenes and objects, ranging from a basketball to a can of soda to a massive iceberg so that the platform starts with a decent amount of content already present and comparable for creators.

Right now, Google Poly is a potential Creative Commons goldmine that just wants to build a discovery platform filled to the brim with free, usable stuff rather than a generic platform full of creators baiting their 3D creations for money.

The company’s Virtual Reality 3D object creation app Blocks serves as the base inspiration for many of the objects featured on Poly owing to Blocks’ typical low-polygon style.

Google says this is partly a stylistic decision, as well as being a great fit for the Daydream VR, which is known to be a resource-intensive platform and obviously will run more efficiently when it’s rendering simpler objects.

Google Poly is adding features found in asset stores of game engines like Unity and Unreal but is doing so unlike its previous encounters with the game developers community. This time, they’re all for the community which is going to position themselves firmly in their camp with a much more addictive experience to the game devs.

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