Google search results are now suggesting the best torrent sites!

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Google search results are now suggesting the best torrent sites!

Get ready for some pissed off executives and Hollywood big-wigs because Google is now displaying suggestions for popular torrent websites at the top of a search for streaming sites.

First spotted by TorrentFreak, Google is showing a carousel with a list of torrent websites when you search for ‘torrent sites’ or ‘best torrent sites.’ It also features several notorious, yet popular P2P sites, including The Pirate Bay, RARBG, and IsoHunt – all of which have previously been in the crosshairs of the Entertainment industry having been flagged for piracy at least once.

It’s not clear when Google brought about this change, but as TorrentFreak speculates: chances are the carousel is the result of pirates constantly searching for the best torrent alternatives online.

While this feature will definitely come in handy to torrent enthusiasts, it becomes more problematic when you search for ‘streaming sites.’ It only gets better from here as Google seems to be wrongly including legal streaming options like Crackle and Hulu beside infamous pirate streaming platforms like Putlocker.

Google Search displays Torrent sites with streaming sites A

Google Search displays Torrent sites with streaming sites

In all fairness, this is likely the result of algorithms automatically suggesting what users are actively searching for the most and not necessarily decisions made by actual People at Google. This is further reiterated by the fact that earlier this year, Google and Microsoft both signed an agreement in the UK that will make it much more difficult for websites linked to online piracy to appear at the top of the search.

You can expect the Search Giant to eventually notice this inconsistency and fix it; much like what happened last time when Google was wrongly displaying search results from pirate sites.

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