HTC Vive Focus : HTC unveils its new standalone VR headset

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HTC Vive Focus : HTC unveils its new standalone VR headset

HTC launched their brand new HTC Vive Focus, an all-in-one VR headset in China today complete with a bold design, handheld controller and allowing the users complete mobility and freedom to move around and explore the virtual environment.

The Vive Focus is powered by a Snapdragon 835 chip(same as the one found in many flagship phones) and features an AMOLED display. The amazing new addition here is the Front-mounted depth cameras that allow for what’s called ‘world-scale inside-out tracking’ where your movements and steps, in reality, are accurately mirrored in the VR space). Everything works seamlessly without having to connect to a PC or a phone.

HTC noted that you’ll be able to directly access content from its Viveport store with a promise that more experiences and content will follow through its newly launched Wave VR platform that lets developers create and publish content on virtual stores that will apparently work across VR hardware from multiple brands.

What this also means is that the company is effectively shelving its plans for the Google Daydream headset for now as it focuses all its efforts on the homegrown HTC Vive Focus and the platform.

More details are yet to be revealed by HTC about the HTC Vive Focus pricing information and availability. What we do know is that it will initially be sold only in China, with the rest of the world on the map down the line.

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