New Zealand football embraces gender equality with equal pay for everyone

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New Zealand football embraces gender equality with equal pay for everyone

New Zealand’s claim to fame, along with its gorgeous landscapes and The Lord of the Rings, will now include gender equality pay for New Zealand Football players across the board.

The New Zealand Professional Footballers’ Association (NZPFA) and the New Zealand Football have now come to an agreement to ensure that footballers representing the country internationally will be paid equally.

Following in the footsteps of their rugby counterparts, Women will receive equal prize money and equal rights in promotional materials. Most notably, they will now travel the same way the male athletes do – Business and first class.

Female players will now fly business class on flights lasting 6 hours or more. This is going to impact performance significantly as flying business class to a friendly match in, say, Singapore will ensure that players aren’t knackered from the travel and will be in great shape.

Andy Martin, New Zealand Football’s chief executive said

“The Football Ferns (the national team’s name), ranked inside the top 20 in the world, are the flagship of women’s football in New Zealand. They are role models for more than 30,000 female players across our country.”

The All Whites Team - New Zealand Football

The All Whites, the male team, are currently ranked #133 in the FIFA World rankings.

Norway became the first country to greenlight equal pay to women and men when representing the country internationally. But there’s still a long way to go before pay parity regardless of gender can be seen in more countries, clubs and even other sports.

English football seems to have the right idea here as the England Football Association pledged to improve the gender pay parity among club staff. Meanwhile, English club Lewes FC became the first professional team of any kind to implement equal pay last year.

While all this is reassuring, fast changes are needed to keep the momentum up for a wind of change. Some of the Top footballers on the planet make more money in a month from their playing contracts for their respective clubs than their female counterparts do in a year. Yes, men’s leagues are well established, posses big television deals, and attract larger crowds. But if the women aren’t encouraged to take up the sport for a living, the ratio will more or less stay the same.

For every professional women’s footballer making a living by playing the sport full-time, there are at least 105 men doing the same.

Stadium Crowds For The All Whites - New Zealand Football

Regular Large crowds at an All Whites game in New Zealand.

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