The Most Popular Deep Dive Sites in the World for the adventure hungry!

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The Most Popular Deep Dive Sites in the World for the adventure hungry!

A chance to safely peek into the mystery and beauty of the underwater world, amidst the naturally colorful corals and coral reefs, swim alongside fishes, turtles, and even sharks (sometimes), is arguably one of the most exhilarating experiences a human being can have in their lifetime. If you’re the adventurous type and yet to experience this, Scuba Diving is the thing for you. Ready your travel bucket lists as we take you through the Most Popular Deep Dive sites and Destinations in the world for the underwater adventure of a lifetime.


Popular Deep Dive Sites Australia Lizard-Island-Great-Barrier-Reef - Urban Papyrus

Australia’s Lizard Island | Great Barrier Reef

Housing the world’s largest and healthiest contiguous coral reef system is the land down under, Australia. With over 1500 species of fish, whales, sharks, porpoises and giant sea turtles, it boasts the world’s most diverse sea habitat.

Most popular deep dive sites:

  • Northern Great Barrier Reef (Ribbon Reefs) – The reef contains an abundance of marine life and comprises of over 3000 individual reef systems and coral cays.
  • SS Yongala – The Great Barrier Reef’s signature wreck ship that went down during a cyclone in 1911. The wreck is colorful and will take various dives to see it all.
  • Osprey Reef – This dive site is most famous for Manta Ray sightings.
  • The Whitsundays – Ideal location for diving, sailing, and island exploring


Best Time to Dive:
You can go diving here year round but the best time to dive in Australia is between August and December. January to March are the warmest as well as wettest months.


Popular Deep Dive Sites Indonesia - Raja Ampat - Urban Papyrus

Diving @ Indonesia’s Raja Ampat

There are so many bright and colorful dives to choose from one of the longest combined coastlines in the world. Fun Fact: Indonesia is a part of the world’s Coral Triangle, meaning that the country alone has 20% of the world’s coral reefs, shipwrecks, deep water trenches, and underwater volcanic mountains.

Most popular deep dive sites:

  • Jakarta – What better way to relax away from the city than by submerging yourself in turquoise waters on colorful coral reefs along white sandy beaches.
  • Lembeh – Lembeh Strait, The Critter Capital of the World, is home to a wide variety of rare & native marine life unlike anything else in the world.
  • Bunaken – North Sulawesi’s Bunaken houses colossal walls, clear blue water, and diverse marine life impresses even the most seasoned of divers.
  • Komodo – The land of the dragons’ multicolored coral reefs combined with its marine life including sharks, manta rays and more makes for many many dives.
  • Bali – The island of the Gods, Bali’s diverse reefs are coupled with its rich culture and stunning scenery.
  • Raja Ampat – Made of Hundreds of tiny islands, these waters are home to seahorses, manta rays and more.
  • Lombok – From a towering volcano and cliffs to picture-esque white sand beaches, The island of Lombok has it all. Its coral gardens are also known to attract hammerheads.
  • Gili Islands – Three small islands, good selection of dive sites, and a nice laid back atmosphere.
  • Pulau Weh – The colorful Pulau Weh reefs are teeming with an action-packed marine life as smaller reef fish compliment the inhabitant sharks.


Best Time to Dive:
April to December is the best time and has the best dry season weather to dive as well as conducive conditions year round.

Galapagos Islands

Popular Deep Dive Sites Galapagos - Ecuador - Urban Papyrus

Swimming with the Turtles | Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

An internationally acclaimed dive site in the world, Galapagos is a unique cluster of 20 volcanic islands where its commonplace to sight leaping dolphins and sea lions, shoreline iguanas and regional fish in its colorful waters which are truly are a sight to behold.

Most popular deep dive sites:

  • El Arco, Darwin Island – On everyone’s ‘top 10 dive sites in the world’ list, you encounter everything here from whale sharks, hammerheads, eagle ray to silky sharks underwater.
  • Roca Redonda, Isabela Island – This dive site is the tip of an underwater volcano that emerges as an island from the sea floor teeming with life in its shallows.
  • El Arenal, Darwin Island – Home to the distinctive Darwin’s stone arch which is just above the water with a dive site right off the arch.
  • Cape Douglas, Fernandina Island – This dive site is a great spot to watch penguins “fly” past with sea lions and marine iguanas.


Best Time to Dive:
Diving the Galapagos Islands can be done year-round with February through April offering the warmest temperatures and September to November being the coldest months w.r.t surface temperatures.


Popular Deep Dive Sites Maldives - Urban Papyrus

The Maldives at its finest

A nation of more than a thousand islands, Maldives is one of the best destinations for scuba diving in the world which is blessed with an abundant underwater world of manta rays, parrot fish, bull sharks, sea turtles and a colorful world of corals.

Most popular deep dive sites:

  • Fotteyo Kandu, Vaavu Atoll – A highly-rated dive site which boasts of vibrant coral, fish, caves, overhangs, yellow soft coral swim-throughs.
  • Okobe Thila, North Male Atoll
  • Kuredu Express, Lhaviyani Atoll – The dive site gets the ‘express’ tag name from the strong current that flows through the channel.
  • Kudarah Thila, South Ari Atoll – This is a protected marine area with small soft coral reefs and plenty of rare fish life.
  • Kandooma Thila, South Male Atoll – Swim beside sharks and eagle rays amidst soft corals all along the walls.


Best Time to Dive:
The best visibility to dive in is from December to March. From May to August is the wet season with rain, winds, and waves dominating the seascape.


Popular Deep Dive Sites Belize - Big Blue Hole - Urban Papyrus

The amazing Big Blue Hole in Belize

Located between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize might be the second smallest and least populated nation in Central America, but it holds a continent’s worth of adventure within. Consisting of around 400 islands, white sandy beaches, the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere, Belize is a world-class scuba diving destination.

Most popular deep dive sites:

  • The Blue Hole – More than 1000 feet wide and 450 feet deep, this highly recognizable & world famous hole-in-the-reef is an amazing dive full of bull sharks and fascinating natural limestone formations.
  • Ambergris Caye – Hol Chan marine reserve is a strictly enforced marine park located at a deep cut in Belize’s barrier reef with healthy corals and abundant marine life ranging from snappers to barracuda.
  • Stann Creek District – The ground zero for whale shark encounters, this is where the coast starts to curve away from the barrier reef.
  • Silk Cayes Canyon – South of Belize City, there are low patch reef structures near the edge of the drop-off which is home to peculiar triggerfish and reef sharks.
  • Long Caye Wall, Glovers Atoll – A major dive site with sandy shallows where you’ll find very lush corals growing in the reef. A variety of eels, jacks and reef fish are found here.


Best Time to Dive:
Belize is at its best from November to mid during which is its dry season. Although this season attracts a lot of tourists, it’s the best time to explore Belize with its best and clearest waters.

Fiji Islands

Popular Deep Dive Sites Fiji Islands - Urban Papyrus

Scuba in the Fiji Islands

Known as the “soft coral capital of the world”, Fiji’s vivid turquoise waters are abundant with beautiful corals. Housing swim-throughs, wall dives, canyons, and caverns filled with colorful marine life highlighted by enthralling shark encounters.

Most popular deep dive sites:

  • The Great Astrolabe Reef, Kadavu – The world’s third largest barrier reef and the largest living organism in the South Pacific. With no major resorts or fast food joints, its one of the less visited islands of Fiji which should be all the more reason for you to go there for an authentic experience
  • Shark Reef Marine Reserve, Pacific Harbour – Widely regarded as the best shark dive destination in the world, you might encounter more than eight different shark species on your dive here.
  • Suncoast Fiji – Situated between Fiji’s two main islands, this coast offers some spectacular diving alongside hard & soft corals with a huge variety of marine life.
  • Somosomo Strait, Taveuni – Also known as The Rainbow Reef, its located in the narrow passage between Vanua Levu and Taveuni where you can swim past brilliant displays of white, yellow & purple soft corals of the world famous Great White Wall.
  • Namena Marine Protected Reserve, Savusavu – A magnificent barrier reef populated by gorgeous soft corals, marine life, hard corals, and a host of dive sites.
  • Coral Coast – This coastal area offers a wide range of diving including great boat dives with stunning hard and soft corals.
  • Beqa Lagoon – Situated off Pacific Harbour, this huge lagoon caters to divers of all levels with its numerous dive sites filled with colorful reefs and calm, warm waters.


Best Time to Dive:
Dive season in Fiji is year round. April to October is seen as the main season for scuba diving in Fiji w.r.t tourists flocking to the islands.

Palau (Republic of Palau)

Popular Deep Dive Sites Palau - Urban Papyrus

Palau Diving is a dream!

Sitting in the middle of the Pacific ocean is a tiny strip of land known as the Republic of Palau, which holds the distinction of being regarded as one of the best diving destinations in the world.

Most popular deep dive sites:

  • Blue Corner – The most popular dive site in Palau with clear, pristine waters teeming with a wide array of sea creatures.
  • Peleliu Wall – The site of some of the most horrific fighting and battles during World War II, the dives there provide a completely fulfilling experience as you might come away from your dive having seen more fish & sharks on a single dive than ever before.
  • German Channel – The location gets its name from the channel used by German occupying forces during World War 2 which has an impressive amount of underwater life.
  • The Big Drop Off & New Drop Off – Its big! In the diving world, this is considered not only as one of the best wall dives in Palau but in the entire world.


Best Time to Dive:
You can dive in Palau anytime during the year. With an almost constant water temperature close to 30-degree Celsius all year round, Palau is the ideal diving destination. Visibility is also quite good except during July to September seasons.

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