Review: Lazy Suzy Cafe, Indiranagar

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Review: Lazy Suzy Cafe, Indiranagar

When it comes to food and restaurants, some of you folks have asked us to get on it & review them while the rest of you wanted us to just leave that to Zomato. Zomato is a juggernaut, I’ll give you that. But with the quality and quantity of restaurants and variety of food we consume every week, we thought ‘why not be the underdog story here?‘ and contribute what we can to the Foodies of the Universe!

There are certain ‘things’ everyone (including us) likes/dislikes about the food they have and the restaurants they have it at. There are plenty of opinions on every aspect of a place out there. We wish to “consolidate” all that along with the views of our own team and give you solid, clear insights on places such as Lazy Suzy, which we’ll get into right away. We promise you, this read is gonna be deeelicious!

On that note, here’s the very first edition of the Urban Review: Lazy Suzy Cafe, Indiranagar.


+ The best Caesar Salad in the city without a shadow of a doubt. In our quest for the best salads, the Suzy’s Caesar has been the undisputed best. The dressing is heavenly & serving is adequate.

+ The eggs made to order are always fresh, on-point and delicious. Namely the Lazy Benedict & Masala French Fold.

+ Signature French toast with maple syrup is a treat to the eyes & to taste.

+ The Calzone (mushroom, olive, mascarpone) is one of the best gourmet Italian dishes you can have in Bengaluru. I’ve ordered it at least a dozen times over 2 years and the consistency in quality is just baffling.

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The Beverages:

+ Lazy Suzy has a decent variety of beverages to offer. Their Signature Hot Chocolate is divine. Lemon Mint, Peach & Basil, Cafe Mocha & Mango Passion are the other MVPs.

Belgian Hot Chocolate - Lazy Suzy Urban Review Urban Papyrus

Signature Hot Chocolate at Lazy Suzy


+ Fresh pastries and desserts are always on display in Lazy Suzy’s Fresh bakes section. My picks are the Granny Smith’s Apple pie, Belgian Chocolate Feuillant, and the Pannacotta. Be warned, the desserts are all quite rich and an assumption that you can easily finish a whole dessert by yourself will probably end up in you wasting a lot of it.

French Toast - Lazy Suzy Urban Review Urban Papyrus

French Toast at Lazy Suzy


+ A beautiful Indiranagar bungalow with a tree running right through it repurposed as a cafe. Soothing, colorful interiors of yellow and blue with interesting posters all over the place. It gives out a “lazy” vibe which makes it the perfect spot of a brunch date. The owners have got the ambiance spot on at Lazy Suzy.

+ The cutlery, plate setting, and the seating arrangements have a rustic and sophisticated feel to them.

Did You Know: The Maharaja of Mysuru, Y.K.C Wadiyar, is a patron of Lazy Suzy (Please respect his privacy if you do happen to see him there).

Interiors - Lazy Suzy Urban Review Urban Papyrus

Beautiful Interiors at Lazy Suzy


+ The Lazy Suzy staff make you feel quite comfortable.

– From personal experience, it might seem difficult to grab the attention of a staff member sometimes seeing as there are some areas which aren’t visible from the kitchen/reception. Be sure to let the staff know. They’ll be more than nice about it and take care of you.

The Downside:

– The only issue is the parking, but that comes with the area. As of the time of publishing, there’s no in-house valet service available so you’re on your own.


Check out Lazy Suzy on Zomato to find out more!

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