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Rinspeed Snap: A concept EV that puts swappable pods on wheels

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Rinspeed Snap: A concept EV that puts swappable pods on wheels

It'll come with a robotic assistant to help you with your shopping. Sure...

If you’ve never heard of Rinspeed, let me bring you up to speed: Rinspeed comes up with insane concept vehicles. From modified self-driving cars to underwater scuba cars straight out of a James Bond movie. Even though most of them never make it to streets or the waters, the concepts are pretty cool. The Rinspeed Snap is one such concept.

The Rinspeed Snap is a two-part modular vehicle made up of interchangeable pods attached to a rolling chassis, which houses EV powertrain and data-processing systems. When the powertrain starts aging, you just swap in a new one, effectively extending the life of the vehicle at a very minimal cost. You can even change it up and swap out the top half.

The pods are built for passengers and cargo as shown in the video with an onboard digital assistant that taps into commuter preferences to give restaurant recommendations and more.

Every passenger gets 3 individual displays to interact with. Touch-controlled Hover Tabs come into position via rotating arms which bring commuters personal messages and contents. Two common, large screens that are placed in the center provide route information and even play movies. The audio experience is brought to you by a Lexicon surround sound system with Ambisonics Escape signal processing sound throughout the pods.

To take things to the next (crazier) level, the Rinspeed Snap is supposedly going to be equipped with a robotic helper to take care of errands and even help with shopping. You’ll get to see all these crazy conceptual promises and more when you get a closer look at CES 2018 where they’re reportedly presenting a prototype. We’re all waiting.

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