Short Trip is a pointless game about one thing: Amazing web experience

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Short Trip is a pointless game about one thing: Amazing web experience

Short Trip proves only one thing – Not every game needs a purpose or a thrilling ending to draw you right in. Just some great web experience.

Unlike almost every other game, Short Trip is a web-based game has no apparent aim or a quest the player has to undertake. It starts off unassumingly, without a bang or any sort of instructions. All you can go on are the cat-like characters in its beautifully drawn landscape and the soothing soundtrack playing all the while.

Short Trip Web Experience - Urban Papyrus 1

Right & Left Arrows. That’s all you need to do to play this game

Even though the setting seems simple at a glance, it feels ominously mysterious – but never in a threatening way.

How ‘bout the controls?

The controls are pretty straightforward. Get on the tram and move with the Right arrow – move forward, Left arrow –
walk back. There are no designated places to stop the train at and no destinations to reach, the sole aim is to just observe and appreciate the meticulously drawn animations and the accompanying soundtrack.

Short Trip Web Experience - Urban Papyrus 2

You can stop at ‘Stations’ to board and deboard your fellow ‘Cat-folks’

Developed by Australian interactive media artist Alexander Perrin, Short Trip “came to be as a study into capturing the essence of pencil on paper but on a digital context while being able to learn more about web-based graphics and experiences.” It runs on WebGL, which means you can run it on pretty much any WebGL-compatible device.

Perrin adds on saying ‘Android users though, might experience some glitches here and there’.

Why don’t you try this amazing experience for yourself? Take the Trip here.

Did you try it out? You liked it, didn’t you? Perrin says this is the start and its the first installment from a collection of his interactive web experience illustrations yet to come. So make sure to follow Perrin’s blog for the more upcoming sequels to this delightful experience.

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