Review : SmartOmi Q5 earbuds are value wireless headphones for those who hate wires

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Review : SmartOmi Q5 earbuds are value wireless headphones for those who hate wires

SmartOmi Q5 Earbuds are truly wireless headphones priced on the lower end, but they pack a pretty decent punch. It could’ve been more about that bass, but there are many positives.

These earbuds are small but not too small. Nowhere near the huge hanging Bluetooth dongles of old, they come in black as well as white which keeps things simple, but it would’ve been nice to see some bolder colors.

SmartOmi Q5 Earbuds - Urban Papyrus 4

SmartOmi Q5 Headphones

The Q5s are comfortable and felt a bit heavy, although I never felt drained out after some longer listening sessions.

For a pair of tiny earbuds, they’re heavily feature-rich. The headphones connect via Bluetooth and the setup was darn easy.

SmartOmi Q5 Earbuds - Urban Papyrus 3

SmartOmi Q5 Headphones

Device features include music playback control, call answering, and built-in 8mm microphone whose quality is good enough to use in a teleconference for work. The Q5 handles phone calls handsfree pretty well but they work out of the right earpiece only. W.R.T music, I saw mixed results.

The sound quality wasn’t exactly bad overall, it’s just too tiny to pack a lot of punch hardware-wise and so resorts to a lot of digital tweaking which makes everything sound like pop music.

In all fairness, It’s a bit unfair to complain about or compare the sound quality of earbuds that cost a fraction of what a pair of Apple’s AirPods or Google’s Pixel Buds does, but in the end, they compare well with similarly priced wired headphones.

SmartOmi Q5 - Urban Papyrus 2

SmartOmi Q5 Headphones

Technically, the Specs

As far as specs go, the simultaneous stereo Bluetooth connectivity is a plus. Battery backup – not impressive as I got not more than two to three hours on a full charge. A twin connecting USB cable ensures they can be charged together at once.

Despite everything it lacks, they sound good enough to vouch for as a totally wireless pair of earbuds cheap enough to take on a run with the ease-of-use taking the prize home.

The SmartOmi Q5 Earbuds costs just $39.99, and you can purchase them here.

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