A Tesla Model 3 was driven in peak winter from LA to New York in 50 hours!

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A Tesla Model 3 was driven in peak winter from LA to New York in 50 hours!

The Tesla Model 3 claims a record just a few months after rolling onto the streets: it helped make the quickest trip across the United States in an electric vehicle ever.

The Drive’s Alex Roy, who is no stranger to Teslas and breaking records with them, took 50 hours, 16 minutes and 32 seconds to go from the car owner’s (Daniel Zorrilla) garage in Redondo Beach just outside Los Angeles to a parking lot in downtown Manhattan a block away from the Empire State Building. Not bad for a finish line at all.

By doing this run, Alex and co. not only best their own record run in an Autopilot-enabled Model S from 2016 by about 5 hours, they did the record set last summer in a Model S 85D one better by more than an hour.

Alex Roy was tweeting about problems with the bitterly cold weather for the entirety of the trip. Obviously, having the heater on would’ve directly affected the range of the Model 3, drastically increasing their trip time. So, it was a test of both the driver’s grit and resolve, as well as a test of how the Model 3 would perform on a long trip, endurance in freezing temperatures, and ease of accessibility of Tesla’s Supercharger network across the continental U.S.

Despite terribly low temperatures throughout much of the trip, the Model 3 in question made it to NYC just fine, providing a much-needed test of the Model 3’s quality, something which has been doubted since day one owing to production issues, panel fitting, and reliability of early cars.

At the end of the day, this trip proved 2 things. The Tesla Model 3 is,

  1. Finally reaching customers
  2. Able to handle the extremes of a cross-country trip in the winter.

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