Twitch launches a gaming live-streaming reality show called ‘Stream On’

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Twitch launches a gaming live-streaming reality show called ‘Stream On’

One of the most crowded forms of entertainment is the reality TV genre. Hell, there’s even a TV show showcasing people.. watching Television. Now, the newest addition to the genre seems to be live-gaming and it’s making its way onto the field with Stream On, produced by Twitch Studios. The streaming giant’s first-ever ‘game show’ features creators & streamers who have made it to the Twitch Partnership program but need just a bit more of a boost to turn streaming into a full-time career. The show will pit those creators against each other in a series of Hunger Games-style challenges, all for the grand prize of $5,000 a month for a full year.

The Stream On series will start streaming on multiple channels as competitors will compete throughout the week straight from their home streaming systems, with the action highlighted by a weekly recap roundup and an elimination round from Twitch Studios. Viewers will get to have their say in who stays and who goes via the Twitch chat, with the individual who’s the best at entertaining and leading a gaming community deemed as the ultimate winner. Twitch is currently on the lookout for participants, so if you’re a Twitch Partner, reside in the US, Canada or the UK, and think you’ve got what it takes to win it all, apply right away to have a chance of being a part of live-streaming history and maybe even get yourself a cool cash prize.

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