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World’s Best Snorkeling Location : Red Beach

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World’s Best Snorkeling Location : Red Beach

Most of the time it is a common assumption that you need to scuba dive to see the best parts of the coral reefs and marine life in any given place. I used to believe this too, that was until I paid a visit to a sweet little spot in the Eastern part of Indonesia called Red Beach.

As we made our way to shore in the dinghy from our larger cruising boat, I couldn’t help but notice how clear the water was and that there seemed to be a lot of coral under the surface. With the sun shining though, it wasn’t easy to get a clear look so I just assumed that it either wouldn’t be decent or that the good stuff would be too deep or too far from shore to get a good look at. Boy was I wrong.

About Red Beach

You may also see it referred to as Pink Beach and Pantai Merah. This beach gets it’s names from the red coral that breaks off and washes ashore leaving a beautiful pink hue to the sand. It really stands out against the turquoise colored water and dramatic landscapes behind it.

When you approach the beach from the water it is easy to see the bottom but it doesn’t really tell you about the amazing things that are below you. Even from that vantage point you can see that it is a clean, beautiful and unique place in this World. In my opinion, one of the most pristine beaches I have ever visited in terms of raw nature.


Red Beach is located near the remote island of Rinca in Komodo National Park. It is considered a remote area as there is no public transportation that will get you to this little gem. The only way to reach it is by taking a tour on a dive boat or boat tour that is visiting the surrounding islands, usually including a stop to see the Komodo Dragons.


I see this as a huge positive, it keeps this little paradise form being commercialized and crowded. The day we visited, we were the only boat there and we totaled a whopping 12 people including the boat crew. You can’t beat that. We had the whole beach and the whole reef to ourselves for 3 full hours.

The downside being that you will pay a pretty penny to visit Red Beach. With dive boats and multiple day tours being the only options, you will be hard pressed to find something cheap for a visit. Despite this fact, it is totally worth it as those tours and dive packages are worth every single cent in this corner of the globe. We visited Red Beach with Kencana Adventure Tours.

Best Snorkeling in the World

We have been lucky enough to get in the water in many places around the world, so we have quite a list of places to compare our experiences to. With that said, we can easily say this the best snorkeling we have ever done, hands down. The water here is so shallow that you couldn’t dive it if you wanted to, which makes it a paradise for snorkelers.

You will float along and see thing so amazing you won’t believe your eyes. I can think of no other place where you can see such vibrant, untouched coral so close to shore with such an abundance of marine life that you could spend hours in the water. Where else can you literally find nemo just feet from the beach? Nowhere. It is that good. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

No joke, these photos were taken while SNORKELING right off the beach in this location. It is an experience we will rave about for many years to come.

What do you think, pretty amazing?

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